Board Committees

Your BWCA Committees are the energy powering the engines that drive all our community action.
trong committee participation makes everything possible. Our dedicated committee members spearhead the initiatives
that help make our association great.

You do not need to be a Board Member to serve on a Committee.
If you are interested in serving on a committee, please email us at please email us at 
or contact the below Committee Chair directly via their linked email.

Executive Committee 

Chair:  Ricky Warren

The Executive Committee consists of the officers, the immediate past president and three directors.

Finance & Audit

Chair:  Susan Robinson

Assists the Treasurer with setting an annual budget and conduct an annual audit of BWCA finances.

Communications, Publicity and Social Media

ChairWendy Cornelisen

Oversees and maintains the Website and social media outlets and publishes a quarterly newsletter.  


Chair:  Christopher Morley

Recruits new members, welcomes new residents, maintains the membership database and creates/maintains a neighborhood directory.

Safety, Security and Neighborhood Watch Committee

Chair: Carolyn Law

Creating and maintaining policies and programs that improve the safety and security of the Briarcliff Woods neighborhood.  

Zoning and Public Planning Committee

Chair:  Gunter Sharp

Works with the local and state officials to learn about upcoming zoning and public space changes that will affect our       neighborhood.

Social Committee


Plans the various community events such as Fall Fling, Community-Wide Yard Sale, and Popsicles in the Park.

Schools & Education Committee

Chair:  Stephanie Hart

Liaisons with various local officials and school boards to regarding issues that might affect the schools serving the Briarcliff Woods neighborhood.

Gardening, Beautification & Greenspace Committee

Chair: Lloyd Chapman

Maintains the neighborhood common areas, works with the county on local green space initiatives, and promotes policies that encourage beautification of the neighborhood.  

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