The Rewards of Membership. The Power Of A Proud And Active Community.

The Briarcliff Woods Civic Association (BWCA) is a vibrant and diverse mix of homeowners with a common purpose. We get together and work together to keep our neighborhood strong, improve our quality of life and enjoy everything Briarcliff Woods has to offer. Membership is open to all residents and/or property owners. Membership is voluntary and runs October 1 to September 30 of the following year. Membership can be yours for a small $25 annual fee. So come on. Invest in the future of your community. It’s up to you!

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BWCA membership delivers value and a greater return on your investment by providing the following benefits you and your family can count on year after year:

Trust Your Vigilant Civic Watchdog:

Your BWCA Board gets our voices heard, working with county and state governments on zoning and planning issues We sponsor town hall meetings where members can talk one-on-one with elected officials, law enforcement and other civic leaders to discuss key topics such as annexation, education and traffic.

Hear The Latest From Trusted Neighbors In The Know:

Get valuable members-only communications covering pressing issues and timely topics. Your BWCA Board provides three informative newsletters annually, pertinent email updates and supports a fun and informative Facebook page for al l members to share. Join the conversation. Like us on Facebook.

Keep On Top Of Safety And Security Alerts And Initiatives

From up-to-the-minute notices to our expanding street-by-street “Neighborhood Watch” initiatives, BWSA board keeps a watchful eye and fosters an ongoing exchange of communications to improve our safety and security. It takes all of us to make safety happen.

Enjoy Improved Parks And Recreational Opportunities

Whether it’s creating the new Pendergrast Park, improving common areas, sprucing up our neighborhood signs or organizing neighborhood cleanup days, your BWCA Board brings greater value to our community by nurturing the potential of our great outdoors to improve our curb appeal and resale values.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

We all know what all work and no play makes Jack. Who wants to be a dull boy? Nobody! That’s why BWCA creates social activities where you and your family can mix and mingle with neighbors. Our annual Fall Fling, Neighborhood Garage Sale and Block Parties keep you connected with family, friends and fun.